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The Traveling Edupreneur

June 22, 2022 Dr. Reggie Padin Season 1 Episode 5
The L&D Ninja Podcast
The Traveling Edupreneur
Show Notes

It's an exciting time to be an L&D professional.  As of this morning (6/19/22), there are a grand total of 6,228 Instructional Designer and 1,354 LMS Administrator job openings posted on just LinkedIn.  Many of these job postings offer the opportunity to work remotely.

If you're someone thinking making a move to an L&D career, or would like to start your own business in the space, you definitely need to listen to this week's podcast!

In this exciting episode, Magali Carusotti, owner of  talks about: 

  1. Her journey from high school teacher to traveling instructional designer, 
  2. The pros and cons of being a traveling "edupreneur" 
  3. What it takes to balance it all. 

Happy Learning!

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